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PrIME Cookie Banner

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that can be stored in a user's Internet browser via a website. Cookies can be set by website operators or by third parties.

Why do you need a Cookie Consent Tool?

In the EU and some other European countries, the recording or processing of personal data requires the consent of the user. This means in the context of cookies: Whenever data is collected by marketing, third party or tracking cookies and these are processed and evaluated, cookie banner is mandatory.

What is PrIME?

PrIME from 2B Advice is a tk-wide data protection management software. The processing directories of all European companies are managed here.

Cookie Banner Options

UCP version

The banner is at the bottom of the page. Partially transparent,.The color of the buttons can be changed from standard tk-blue to tk-orange. Cookie banner can be enabled in project settings.

PrIME version

Large banner with white background. 4 placement options: left, right, top or bottom of page. tk or other logo can be added Activation via project settings. Must be set up in Prime first.